List of Important Awards

List of Important Awards in India

Name of the Award


1. Oscar  Film
2. Dada Sahib Phalke  Film
3. Grammy  Music
4. Pulitzer  Journalism and Literature
5. Arjun  Sports
6. Bowelay  Agriculture
7. Kalinga  Science
8. Dhanwantri  Medical Science
9. Bhatnagar  Science
10. Nobel Prize  Peace, Literature, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Medical Science
11. Abel  Maths
12. Merlin  Magic
13. Bharat Ratna  Art, Science, Public Service, Sports
14. Vyas Samman  Literature
15. Bihari Award  Literature
16. Saraswati Samman  Literature
17. Man Booker  Literature
18. Vachspati Samman Sanskrit  Literature
19. Param Vir Chakra  Military
20. Ashok Chakra  Civilians
21. Juliet Curie Award  Peace
22. Dronacharya Award  Sports Coaches
23. Sahitya Akademi Award  Literary
24. Kalidas Samman  Classical Music, Classical Dance and Arts
25. Tansen Award  Music

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