PDO Key answers_paper 02

Panchayat Development officer key answers held on 29.01.2017.

General – Paper 02.

Kindly let me know if there is need to be modified. 

State Govt. Population as per the immediately
The deputy commissioner  18 years
14 years  Chief planning officer and chief accounts officer
 Deputy commissioner  Narasimha Rao
 5 SC Election commission
State govt. 7th pass
2005 NREGA Amdalli
Chairman, social justice comm. 50%
400 Migrants
PDO 265
Issue of Business license 1959
Nagore ***
Participation of women in public life Gram sabha
Assistance commi 176
Equal to no of members to be Rs.750
118.73% 5 Lacks
6 Governor
D Schedule IV
Education, Health, Income Rs. 2,250
1999 Mandal Panchayat
Schedule caste/Minorities 1952
21 years 40 liters
6 Anganawadi
Zilla Panchayat Placing dust bin
5 years 245
M K Gandhi Part IX
1959 Deputy commis
1/3 General
80% 12.80 crores *
Infrastructure committee Grameen Bank
National old age pension Oct 2 2015
3 months * 1/5 of voters
Gram sabha 199
Gram Panchayat Environmental conserve
6 months 6 months
143 H School development management committee
199 – schedule IV Gram sabha
61.4 Deputy secretaries
Chairman, production committee * 7 days
Proportion to their respective 10% voters
All rural households 209
Six months Taluk panchayat
State election commi Gram sabha
General body The finance comm.
Atal arogya yojana Lottery
Adhaksya, taluk pancyat Manipur
1 lack 3 months
Adhakhsa, ZP Vision document
Zilla panchayat 2015 – 2020

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